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Route Optimization – Making Deliveries More Efficient and Cost-Effective

We live in incredibly innovative times and it’s visible that more companies are being challenged to gain competitive edge and stand out from the crowds. In the last-mile delivery alone, the most important focus and challenge is to improve the delivery process … Read More

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How digitalisation of operations will save delivery costs

This article provides a practical insight on how companies can save substantially on their operational and delivery costs by digitalising a part of their organisation and implementing a more data-driven decision-making structure. We will show that the costs of implementation … Read More


5 Key Driver Features That Improve Your Delivery’s Performance

Because of the rise of e-commerce, consumer preferences have shifted considerably, driving companies to re-think their delivery strategy and come up with the best customer experience possible, especially by building an easier framework for operations teams. Globally, the way operations … Read More

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Redefining Route Optimization

We live in an incredibly innovative era and it’s obvious that more companies are being challenged to gain a competitive edge and stand out from the crowds. In the last-mile delivery sector alone, the most important focus and the challenge … Read More

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How does crowdsourcing deliveries impact last-mile efficiency?

As last-mile delivery continues to change and evolve, more companies choose to implement a system that helps them work with better processes to become more efficient and scale their business. Over the years, we’ve learned that being at the helm … Read More