How Proof of Delivery Helps Reduce Friction Between Businesses and Customers

In today’s delivery sector, at least 20-25% of consumers would be willing to pay significant premiums for a same-day delivery, fact which prompts more companies to close the gap between customer satisfaction and businesses by offering topnotch services.

Through tech platforms which provide smartphone apps, more companies can offer these type of services and provide a more satisfactory and efficient delivery experience.

One feature which helps create a better delivery experience and reduces disputes between companies and consumers is Proof of Delivery, which you can leverage to compete in the on-demand economy.

What is Proof of Delivery? 

A Proof of Delivery (POD) is an essential component of the delivery as it serves as an important acknowledgement to mark that the delivery has been completed.

By using the POD feature available in the Driver App, not only do companies have the assurance that packages were delivered successfully, they can also track the progress of the delivery. This helps companies identify potential issues before they become major liabilities.

A POD is a fast-growing trend that more companies are implementing into their delivery workflows to make the processes hassle-free.

Proof of Delivery (POD) is a document that confirms receipt of an item. Recipients must sign for receipt of the mail indicating the date when the mail item was delivered to them. A copy of the Proof of Delivery receipt is provided to the sender.

How do I use the POD function? 

  • In order to complete the job, the driver has the customer to sign on your app or take a photo as Proof of Delivery
  • Click Sign and have the customer to sign with their finger, and click “Sign” on the top left corner to save
  • Click Photo to take a photo of the item and the recipient/location
  • Click Barcode to scan the item

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Why is POD important?

PODs will save organizations time and prevent frictions between customers and businesses.

Drivers can capture customer signatures, photos, and text notes through the POD feature in the Driver App. The attachments will sync to orders within the web dashboard, making it easy for your operations team to collect and store information.

With easy access to Proof of Delivery files, your company will easily be able to you can ensure that there are no disputes between your organization and customers as well as improve customer service and stay organized.

With POD, your team can manage the last-mile more efficiently and reduce friction throughout the day to keep your drivers, operations team and customers satisfied!

Benefits of using POD

  • reduce friction and potential disputes between companies and consumers
  • monitor driver accountability  
  • eliminate unnecessary paperwork from your operations

If customers need proof of delivery, you can easily stay connected to your drivers’ recorded details and check customer accounts and access files, notes, answer questions or confirm delivery was completed.


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Steps to use POD

Add Images
You can add images as proof of delivery as well; you can upload an image or take a new picture. 

Add Signature

Click on add signature to allow the customer to e-sign.  

Proof of Delivery provides real-time information on the movement of drivers, guaranteeing traceability and control across the entire delivery process.

You can also use the scanning function to confirm that the order has been delivered.


Alternative ways to monitor deliveries 

Having full visibility over last-mile delivery means that your operations team will not only be able to track and monitor deliveries in real time, but also be able to anticipate potential disputes and liabilities between companies and consumers.

In order to optimize last-mile delivery operations, items need to be scanned prior to being delivered. This way, your company will have full control and be able to track exactly which items are on which trucks and where they are on their routes.


With our delivery management software, after placing the order, you also have the option to download Waybill, which will be used by the driver to identify which items belong to an order as well as contain a barcode for scanning.

A WayBill is a document issued by a carrier giving details and instructions relating to the shipment of a consignment of goods.

Typically it will show the names of the consignor and consignee, the point of origin of the consignment, its destination, and route.

Barcode scanning 

proof of delivery

For companies that prefer to track their delivery items through barcode or QR code scanning, there are more tracking options.

The driver app is equipped with the technology to upload scanning throughout the entire delivery journey from the moment goods leave the warehouse until they are delivered to the end recipients.


Because of today’s mobile tech, customers can track individual packages in real time and validate deliveries. For companies offering these services, the ability to access information on-the-go and know where the packages are at all times can result in a smooth delivery experience.

As more companies are dealing with a high volume of deliveries, it’s important that records are kept when a delivery is being completed. This includes requiring your driver to get a signature and scanning of a barcode prior to leaving the delivery location. That information then is sent to a central system and logged and remains as proof in case the customer makes a claim that the item was not delivered!

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