Product Update – October 2018

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CarPal Fleet team has been very productive over the last two months!

We set a target for ourselves to roll out a range of new features to further increase the value that CarPal Fleet provides to our customers. Today I’m happy to announce that these features are available!

The first 3 quarters of this year were all about re-designing and re-thinking our solution. Now that we have laid down a strong and solid foundation, we will continue to work closely with our customers (like you), learn from their feedback and roll out new features.

Our top 3 focuses remain to be:

1. Bringing your fleet and operations online
2. Setting out a benchmark for planning
3. Analysing data and saving delivery costs

CarPal Fleet invites you to join us on this exciting journey to revolutionise last-mile logistics and greatly improve the operational efficiency of your company!

Maarten Hemmes
Founder CarPal


What has been launched?

New and improved route planning technology

Whether you are a distributor, retailer or 3PL, our advanced route planning solutions can easily help you create schedules for your drivers, while saving costs on manpower and inefficient routes. Upload in bulk or connect with our API, create customisable settings and get output within minutes. You can also utilise this data to improve future planning.

Ability to bulk upload orders with Latitude and Longitude

In order to continue to support our customers in regions where address recognition is not optimal, we have introduced the ability to execute bulk upload through latitude and longitude for recipient’ addresses, ensuring that your drivers would always have accurate data on their mobile app.

Improved POD functionality

Proof of Delivery remains one of the most important features for customers. Being able to counter potential claims with proper proof is a huge costs-saver. Today we are rolling out the ability for your drivers to take both signature and a photo at the same time through the mobile app.

Let your drivers pause and resume their jobs

In order to continue to support fatigue regulations and enabling you to get even better visibility on the activities of your fleet, we are now allowing your drivers to pause and resume their jobs through the mobile app.

Driver App Now available for iOS

Available for download in the App Store here.

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