E-book: Building A Resilient Last Mile Delivery Ecosystem

Tech is known to be at the centre of delivery operations, continuously pushing for innovation and helping engage companies throughout the supply chain with instant communication and visibility into drivers and orders.

On top of tech, another detrimental strategy is the ability to make full use of internal and external resources to ensure a high fulfilment rate.

Through crowdsourcing and the gig economy, the industry takes a lean direction, creating a space where companies use the plug ‘n play system to fulfil their deliveries.

In this e-book, we are discussing:

  • Tech capabilities and functionalities that help companies work with efficiency
  • Leveraging data to identify patterns and use the learning to better plan future deliveries
  • How consumers and big players like Amazon disrupt the industry and push for innovation
  • Crowdsourcing and the gig economy in the last mile era

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