Delivering Growth: How Tech Helps Companies Adapt to & Succeed in Same-Day Delivery

In the B2B world, you need to be able to offer a fast, flexible and efficient delivery service to be able to compete with other companies that are present in this space. 

We’re aware that online retail is booming, and together with it, the volume of delivery orders is on the rise. More companies notice this change in consumer behaviour, which is why they decide to tweak their strategies to cater to clients’ requirements. 

Because of the preference for same-day delivery services, many companies are faced with unprecedented challenges and are prone to losing out in the long-run due to the inability to offer these services. 

But in this space, modern technologies emerge to enable these companies to deliver better by offering greater efficiency and more collaborative operating models – which can ultimately help them re-shape the way they operate.

In the bigger picture, disruptors like Amazon helped to push these changes, driving businesses – both B2C retailers and B2B logistics players –  to enter the same-day delivery landscape in order to survive.

To succeed, these players’ mission is to find ways to compete with big brands like Amazon or Lazada without having to purchase warehouses and additional fleet, but by finding the kind of platform that will share this vision.

So what are the challenges these companies are facing?

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These challenges continue to impact the delivery landscape, which means that it’s extremely more important to be part of this flexible last-mile delivery ecosystem to gain competitive advantage.

As we mentioned before, technology remains at the center stage of last-mile delivery, reshaping it to become more agile, lean, and better able to meet changing customer expectations.


last mile delivery asia


How does tech ultimately help these companies?

  • On-demand delivery platforms, which offers the choice and immediacy customers demand
  • Live tracking technology, which streamlines deliveries and cuts costs
  • AI and Machine Learning, which brings end-to-end connectivity to last-mile delivery
  • Predictive Analytics to help improve business operations and forecast future demand
  • Hybrid fleet – a mix of company’s own fleet, contractors, third-party partners, and freelance drivers which allows for more flexibility, control, and scalability

The main benefit of same-day delivery in the B2B sector is that it allows businesses to innovate and offer the kind of flexibility clients need these days.

Of course, in order for this to work, you need to ensure that all the steps are thoroughly followed.

  • To enter the last-mile space, start working with an integrated solution and an experienced team that will help you enable same-day delivery. The idea of this project is to work with optimal routes given a number of locations, items to deliver and drivers with vehicles that have limited capacity.
  • Tap on the hybrid fleet idea: The key attributes you need to take into consideration is planning your internal operations and delivery teams to determine the distribution of the resources to minimize cost and maximize fulfilment rate for you daily deliveries.
  • Efficient Routing: The goal is to create a sustainable same-day delivery solution that enables you to fulfill orders by using a routing system that ensures each resource has as many locations as possible while delivering on time and driving the most efficient route.

Driving business efficiency and productivity

Companies that want to innovate in the same-day delivery sector can start utilizing logistics technology that supports delivery management, fulfilment, and optimization to differentiate themselves from competitors.

In an industry as important as logistics, which has become the backbone of any company’s operations, this type of technology will definitely be a gateway to success.

Optimizing logistics has a significant and tangible impact on the revenue as well as transparency and accountability, allowing companies to better analyze all the relevant data to adjust their operations and boost productivity.

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