Public Fleet

Democratize fleets to accurately utilize resources and maintain a high fulfilment rate

The idea of tapping on a hybrid feet means you need to take into consideration planning your internal operations and delivery teams to determine the distribution of the resources to minimize cost and maximize fulfilment rate for you daily deliveries.

The purpose behind this scenario is that even complex delivery operations can be streamlined.

To do that, you can start considering the routes and resources that you utilize to manage your deliveries.  

If you overestimate your resources, you might be left with excess resources that you would then have to worry about, which would add to the overall cost of your operations.

To get you started, an algorithm would help you crunch all the data and factor in things like capacity, weight, volume, and priority status.

This would result in an automated and sustainable resource allocation ran at the most optimal rate of resource utilization for your company.

  1. Add your resources
    In the system, categorize your resources into in-house drivers and contractors to start assigning them to available jobs.
  2. Share available resources
    Free up available drivers to other companies that need them for certain jobs.
  3. Tap onto the available fleet of other companies
    Use resources that other companies have freed up when your drivers are fully-booked doing jobs.
  4. Build a sustainable ecosystem
    By democratizing your fleet and tapping onto available fleets from other companies, you can ensure a high fulfilment rate and delight your customers.
  • Soft Launch: June 2018 (estimated)
  • Initial Release: August 2018 (estimated)