To us, innovation is the key to success and growth. Take a sneak peek into the features we are currently working on.


Route Optimization SDK

A stand-alone package available for enterprise customers to integrate with our powerful API

Data is imperative for growth, which is why we believe that businesses should be forward-thinking and use their full potential to make their processes more efficient.

With our Data-as-a-Service, we wish to enable companies to access real-time data streams and use the information to create comprehensive reports that serve as a base for optimization.

This means more control over the business through actionable reports and more decision-making power.

By providing you with historical data about your deliveries, we empower you to find bottlenecks and inefficiencies and the means to fix them.

DaaS (Data-as-a-Service)

Leverage Data-as-as-Service to gather historical data from your system and use it to optimize and grow your operations

A line of trucks in the car park

Public Fleet

Democratize fleets to accurately utilize resources and maintain a high fulfilment rate

Shelves and racks in distribution warehouse interior

Shared Warehousing

The gig economy allows you to take advantage of urban warehouse spaces for easy access to products and fast deliveries