CarPal Public Fleet

Build Your Own Fleet Of CrowdSourced Drivers And Lower Your Delivery Costs

Need additional resources for your delivery team?

Tapping on a hybrid feet of drivers means that you will have access to a large fleet of crowdsourced drivers to manage your fulfilment demand when you need it. 

You configure the working hours, define the payout and set the rules. Basically you consider the driver as if he was a full member of your fleet. 

We have bikes, cars, vans and trucks available.

Available in Singapore and Australia now! With a database of around 10.000 drivers.

  1. Define your requirements
    Define what it is you need. You need a car for lunch hours? A van for every weekend? The system will notify drivers of your request and provide you with a list of suggested drivers.
  2. Make an agreement with the drivers
    Discuss the requirements with your suggested drivers and agree on the working hours, the rate, payout terms and rules.
  3. Start creating and routing orders
    Use the Control Tower route optimisation or assign orders to your drivers manually. Your drivers can use the CarPal Fleet driver app to manage their routes.
  4. Build a sustainable ecosystem
    By democratizing your fleet and tapping onto available fleets from other companies, you can ensure a high fulfilment rate and delight your customers.

Simple pricing

  • 30 USD per month
  • 1 USD per delivery

What do you get?

  • Unlimited access to our database of drivers
  • Unlimited orders
  • Full access to our Control Tower web application and CarPal Fleet Driver app (iOS + Android)

Fill out below form and provide with your requirements. We will reach out to you with a list of relevant available drivers

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