5 Key Driver Features That Improve Your Delivery’s Performance


Because of the rise of e-commerce, consumer preferences have shifted considerably, driving companies to re-think their delivery strategy and come up with the best customer experience possible, especially by building an easier framework for operations teams.

Globally, the way operations teams plan and manage their deliveries needs to be optimized so the interaction and engagement between drivers and teams can become more effective.

And whether you are a logistics company or a retailer, it’s a fact that your last-mile is facing challenges like lack of live tracking and automatic dispatching of orders for your teams of drivers and transparency into orders & driver performance.

Because of this, managing drivers could be one of the major steps forward towards making the entire delivery management ecosystem more responsive and sustainable.

Technology is the key to owning last-mile delivery

Through technology, it has been proven that companies can effectively “own” the last-mile and stop worrying about the lack of control.

If we go back to the gaps of last-mile delivery, one of the most prevalent challenges remains to accurately track in-house resources like delivery staff, vehicles, and drivers.

At CarPal Fleet, we are using the latest mobile technology to create an easy-to-use driver application for your fleet.

You can be up and running fast without having to invest in expensive hardware such as GPS devices and tracking systems.

This proves to be beneficial for companies that need to better track their fleet and optimize their omnichannel strategies to ultimately minimize any friction between their services and customers.

By assigning tasks to drivers and ensuring they are taking the right routes, companies can fix the gap between expectations and execution both on the customer perception end, as well as their very own strategic planning end.

And before we dive into specific features a driver app could help your delivery team with, don’t forget to supply your in-house or third-party drivers with a mobile device and data connection!

1. Secure delivery authentication feature


A feature which helps create a better delivery experience and reduces potential disputes between companies and consumers is Proof of Delivery (in the form of pin code, signature, photo and/or barcode scanner), which operations team can leverage to gain more insights into the delivery performance.

The POD is an essential component of the delivery as it serves as an important acknowledgement to mark that the delivery has been completed.

By using the POD feature available in the Driver App, not only do companies have the assurance that packages were delivered successfully, they can also track the progress of the delivery (through images, signatures or secured pin codes).

This helps companies identify potential issues or avoid unnecessary disputes before they escalate.

Essentially, this feature is designed to help drivers during the final delivery process while allowing companies to stay efficient and on top of potential issues, ensuring the delivery progress is visible and the records of the delivery are kept for analytical purposes.  

2. Browse for information in a “list view module”


Thanks to technology, the entire ecosystem is shifting towards a business model which empowers teams to take more control of their operations.

To get started, head to the “control tower” (the web dashboard which operations teams will use to plan and manage their deliveries), where admins will add in all the orders that will be sent out to the driver’s app.

What’s great is that the easy-to-use list view in the driver app can support scheduled jobs and orders for the next 3 days so that you can properly plan your deliveries in advance. 

The drivers can then get daily jobs on their smartphones and start delivering them without any hassle (all the route planning would have already been done through the route optimization function in the dashboard!)

Plus, the sleek design of the app’s interface is structured in a logical way and features colour-coordinated buttons to help drivers through the delivery process. This will create a more seamless experience for the drivers, allowing them to perform their deliveries in a breeze!

3.Being able to have an overview of the “order details”

For many companies, accuracy and providing the right information to the drivers are essential, which is why the idea of single-handedly managing their fleet properly brings a sense of security and ownership.

Such issues can be solved by having the right platform to empower drivers with the right tools and create a better experience for the end customers.

By offering drivers an app with a responsive mobile interface, their interaction with the operations team will be much more proactive and responsive, saving you time and allowing you to focus on other areas of the business.

For instance, the mobile app we’ve been working on provides a comprehensive section dedicated to order details; this translates to easier planning and visibility of what you are delivering and when.

Such details are essential to complete your deliveries in an efficient manner and ensure you are not missing out on anything important!

4. Be in the loop at all times with notifications on-the-go

With our app, drivers get automatically notified of changes admins do in the dashboard such as address or timing changes, so everyone stays in the loop.

This feature is important as it keeps the engagement and communication flow consistently throughout the organization.

By providing your drivers with the real-time information and support (real-time in-app communication with your team and comprehensive delivery details right in their smartphones), you would have all the tools needed to create a great customer service experience and ultimately achieve your goals.

5.Availability Offline

Available in both iOS and Android, the driver app downloads and stores the jobs information on your phone even when you’re offline. This works great in countries where the internet connection is limited or weak at certain locations. 

This new layer of connectivity across the operations helps companies manage their fleets more effectively, and provides their customers with the much-needed visibility and control even when there is no connection.

Even offline, companies can make the process insightful by collecting relevant data and analytics that help forecast future deliveries.

The advantage of using our platform is that even when the app goes offline due to lack of internet, the app will continue capturing information offline, and push the data to our system at the moment the connection comes back.


Improving the last-mile delivery is one of the top priorities for many companies, hence their aim is to empower their teams of drivers with the latest technology that allows them to optimize the sequence of the deliveries that should be done as well as the cost and flexibility of their operation.

A multi-functional driver app saves you time and improves your processes so you can easily keep an overview on all orders and tracks potential delays for on-demand and scheduled deliveries.

To reduce the cost of movement, companies will make use of tech that provides features to better manage orders and resources and have access to real-time data.

This will result in faster order dispatching, fewer errors and better performance from drivers while gaining more control and visibility into what’s happening with the orders.

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