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Route Optimization – Making Deliveries More Efficient and Cost-Effective

We live in incredibly innovative times and it’s visible that more companies are being challenged to gain competitive edge and stand out from the crowds. In the last-mile delivery alone, the most important focus and challenge is to improve the delivery process … Read More

Product Update – October 2018

Hot Topics CarPal Fleet team has been very productive over the last two months! We set a target for ourselves to roll out a range of new features to further increase the value that CarPal Fleet provides to our customers. … Read More

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How digitalisation of operations will save delivery costs

This article provides a practical insight on how companies can save substantially on their operational and delivery costs by digitalising a part of their organisation and implementing a more data-driven decision-making structure. We will show that the costs of implementation … Read More


5 Key Driver Features That Improve Your Delivery’s Performance

Because of the rise of e-commerce, consumer preferences have shifted considerably, driving companies to re-think their delivery strategy and come up with the best customer experience possible, especially by building an easier framework for operations teams. Globally, the way operations … Read More

4 B2B eCommerce trends to watch

Article written by TradeGecko B2B eCommerce is a complex and constantly expanding ecosystem of online trade. With gross volume merchandise sales increasing each year, B2B transactions are projected to be worth approximately $7.66T in 2017 alone. This figure massively overshadows … Read More

How Proof of Delivery Helps Reduce Friction Between Businesses and Customers

In today’s delivery sector, at least 20-25% of consumers would be willing to pay significant premiums for a same-day delivery, fact which prompts more companies to close the gap between customer satisfaction and businesses by offering topnotch services. Through tech platforms … Read More

Managing Your Drivers to Optimize and Fulfill Deliveries

A delivery management system provides drivers with an intuitive app, which allows them to get notifications of new assignments, suggestions for the best routes, as well as have access to collect signatures and photos as Proof of Delivery to have … Read More

Turning Challenges into Opportunity in Last-Mile Delivery

In order to optimize last-mile delivery operations, companies will have to turn their challenges into opportunities and gain full control to track exactly which items are on which trucks and where they are on their routes for a better delivery … Read More

How can data-driven decision-making push delivery operations to evolve?

With rapid tech evolution, new consumer patterns that lead to digitalization, and space for new emerging markets, 2018 seems to be the year of productivity for logistics players. With regards to the last-mile delivery landscape itself, there are research-based findings … Read More

What Does Amazon’s Launch Mean for Same-Day Delivery in Singapore?

Just a month ago, the news on Amazon acquiring Whole Foods in the US rocked the grocery retail industry for good reasons, but the event did more than simply disrupt the industry. With so many other avenues to tap on, … Read More